Modern ultrasound technology can often give accurate predictions of baby gender, so you know whether to paint the nursery pink or blue.  But just a few years ago, the technology wasn’t available, and people relied on traditional myths to predict baby gender.  Just for fun, take a look at these 15 myths that “prove” your baby is a boy.

1.  Boys are carried low.  This is one of the most common myths about gender.

2.  Another common myth says that if you are carrying the extra weight out front (like you swallowed a basketball), your baby is a boy.

3.  Since you became pregnant, is the hair on your legs growing faster?  That’s another sign your baby is a boy!

4.  After a bath, do this test in front of a mirror:  If your right breast is larger than your left one, the baby is a boy.

5.  What direction does your bed face?  If your pillow is on the  north end of the bed, your baby is a boy.

6.  There are several variations on this popular gender myth.  You can use a needle and thread, a pendant necklace, or your wedding ring on a string.  Hold the thread dangling the object over your belly.  If the object moves back and forth, the baby is a boy.

7.  If your feet are colder than they were before you were pregnant, the baby is a boy.

8.  Does the baby’s maternal grandmother have gray hair?  If so, the baby is a boy.

9.  If the mother’s nose has been spreading, the baby is a boy.

10.  Have you been craving cheese or meat?  If so, that’s another sign the baby is a boy.

11.  Lay a single key on the table.  Now pick it up.  If you picked it up by the round end, your baby is a boy. (If you picked it up by the middle, you’re having twins!)

12.  If the baby’s father is gaining weight along with you, the baby is a boy.

13.  If your urine is a bright neon yellow color, your baby is a boy.

14.  Here’s a mathematical myth:  if the sum of the number of the month of conception and the mother’s age at conception is an even number, the baby will be a boy.

15.  Finally, if the mother-to-be is looking especially good during pregnancy, the baby is a boy, because this myth says that baby girls steal their mothers’ looks.

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