No matter the size of the trailer, Onan makes a portable power generator to fit its needs. In total, Onan generators make more than twenty different RV power generators! These range in size and power from truly portable, lightweight generators that can be tucked into a van, to bigger, more powerful ones that create enough power to satisfy even the longest RV buses – always with special attention paid to ensuring camping peace of mind.

The deluxe Marquis Platinum 7000 RV generator, for example, is capable of generating a solid 7000 watts. But Onan goes to great lengths to make sure that it never sounds like a 7000 watt power generator: in addition to coming packaged with a muffler, the Marquis Platinum 7000 is engineered to keep vibration levels to a minimum. Onan claim that it is the quietest RV power generator in its class.

For RVs that demand even more power, there is Onan’s Quiet Diesel series, the biggest model of which, the Quiet Diesel 12500, pumps out a whopping 12500 watts! It also weighs 770lbs, meaning that it is made for only the sturdiest RVs. However, much like the Marquis Platinum 7000, the Quiet Diesel 12500 operates near-silently – “quieter than National Park Service sound level requirements,” according to Onan.

A good mid-level Onan RV power generator that will fit well in most RVs is the Marquis Gold 5500 LP. Fuelled by propane, this generator is comparable in quality with the Marquis Plantinum, but has a lower power capacity, at 5500 watts.


For smaller, less expensive RVs such as pop-up trailers, Onan has a Camp Power line of portable power generators. These units install on a trailer’s exterior, and generate enough to power to run at least one air conditioner – usually more. They also have a convenient remote-operation feature, which allows them to be turned on without even stepping outside the trailer.

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