Most people when they run out of ink in their ink cartridge, simply throw the empty cartridge into the garbage. However, even year there are thousands upon thousands of ink cartridges threw away in this way and what happens to these ink cartridges? They simply sit in the landfill. This a waste. Therefore, those that are wondering how to throw away their ink cartridges in the right way should consider the alternatives.

First off, many companies offer pre-paid shipping envelopes that consumers can use in order to send he ink cartridge back to the company that produces them in order to reuse them later down the road and make a difference in the environment. Doing this only takes a few minutes out of the person’s day and can be dropped in the nearest mailbox for the person’s convenience.

Secondly, people can take the ink cartridges to the local office supply store that is more than likely accepting the used ink cartridges for the same reasons that the ink manufacturer does. The store will not charge the person anything to accept these cartridges and may even offer them so incentive for doing so, such as a discount on a new ink cartridge. For those big businesses, these discounts could account for a lot of money saved in the long run.

So what is the proper way to dispose of an ink cartridge? There really is no way of properly disposing of the ink cartridge, the only real option is to give the cartridge to the manufacturer who can reuse it instead of allowing the cartridge to sit in a landfill somewhere while new ones keep being produced everyday which uses even more resources.  Remanufactured is a source of a cheap ink cartridge as well.  Dell ink cartridges can be found reused too.

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