I initially never saw myself as a landlord and never really wanted to be the owner of a bunch of rentals but over time I found myself owning four different rental properties. I thought about selling the properties so I did not have to worry about it anymore but after my husband and everyone else encouraged me to keep and rent the properties out I decided to do so.

I rented my first property out to an older couple who only planned to stay a few months. After their few months were over I went in to clean the rental property up and show it to the next potential renter. When I walked in to the home it smelled horribly of cigarette smoke and the walls were stained a yellow color from all the cigarette smoke. I scrubbed and cleaned and the smell still did not come out. I had to replace the carpet in the home and had to paint the walls just to get rid of that annoying cigarette smell. I decided that I would now become a non smoking facility in all of my rental homes. I spent almost a thousand dollars trying to get that place cleaned and I did not ever want to go through that again.

I interviewed one couple about the home and they were interested but they were smokers. The next couple came in and I interviewed and it turned out they were smokers. I got so many smokers coming in that I finally put a non smoking ad in my paper with the rental listing. I put in the listing that the only smoking that would be allowed in my rentals would be that of electronic cigarettes. I pointed them to electronic cigarettes reviews cartridges review to learn more about them.

Electronic cigarettes are similar to regular cigarettes but do not have the harmful effects or smell of tobacco cigarettes. You can see a list of e cigarette companies online at many sites. Electronic cigarettes are battery operated and can be taken anywhere. They possess the ability to give the nicotine needed in cigarettes but without the problems of the smell and carcinogenic effects. They are also very affordable and I did not feel that it was too much to ask.

As time went by I found renters who were willing to only smoke with electronic cigarettes. They were amazed at electronic cigarettes and how they worked so well for them. After they moved out I did not have any problems cleaning the place or dealing with any sort of smell. I now even offer a discount for people who smoke electronic cigarettes while being one of my renters.

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