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Although it may appear to be, it isn’t all fun and games when it comes to casinos. In July of 2018, viewers of the SuperCasino live gambling show that is aired on Channel 5. The presenter of the show, Bryn Lucas was thrown for a loop when he was caught off guard by a caller that tricked him into giving recognition to two criminals. The hoaxer, who said his name was Roy, sent an email to the host of the show and asked him to “give a shout-out to Bobby Sands and Michael Stone”, which Lucas then did because he did not register who these people were at this time.

Bobby Sands died of hunger when he went on strike at the Maze in 1981, and Michael Stone was a loyalist who is known for murdering six Catholics, including three who were mourning at a funeral in 1988.

While it seemed that the host of the show did not understand who these criminals were when he announced their names, people watching the show in Northern Ireland made the connection immediately. However, instead of being angry or annoyed at the prankster, some found it funny and even choked on their whiskey. One viewer even said that the prankster was funny because he was “cross-community” and used terrorist names from both sides of the spectrum. Another view noted that the hoaxer was probably very surprised that the host of the show did not catch on to the names that he was dropping.

Lucas stated that any future viewers who try to enter inappropriate names into the roulette game will be prohibited and the names will be changed. However, Lucas is not the first person to be conned into stating names over media, not realizing that they were names that shouldn’t be said on the air. Shortly after Stone was caught as the killer, a radio announcer said his name over the air without realizing what he was doing. During another incident, a request was read during a radio broadcast for a group of men who were out camping near Lisburn, with the radio presenter not realizing that the men were dedicating their time to prisoners in the Maze. Such a thing also happened to President Donald Trump before he became the leader of the country. Several years prior, he retweeted a photo of two English serial killers out of their memory.

Broadcasters have been being conned for quite some time now regarding stating terrorist names over the air without really registering who the names belong to before saying them. While some people may find it funny, others will find it hurtful and ignorant. It seems that even casino game shows are falling victim to the spoof of hoaxers that try to get their jollies by pranking innocent viewers and game show hosts.

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